Technical Support

Research and Development · Production

In 2007, it was recognized as a provincial high-tech research and development center by the Provincial Science and Technology Department. Rich experience, unique design concept, advanced testing technology, and years of technology accumulation and cooperation and absorption of foreign advanced technology have enabled our technology to maintain the international leading level and lead the industry.

Testing Equipment

The details determine the success or failure, professional manufacturing, and many years of ready-made experience, making the German BOSCH (Bosch) Group and Swiss Swiss Watch Group trust the company's reliability and stability of HUMO products. Each product has dozens of processes, each process is constantly improving. Improvements, innovations, and field experience over the years have highlighted the focus and professionalism of surface grinding for lake grinding!

Quality management

Since the establishment of the HUMO brand, we have always adhered to the most demanding quality standards, fully absorbed the essence of industrial technology, and always strive to become a high-end brand of global surface treatment from Lake Milling (HUMO). In the production process, we have always emphasized the details, details, years of field experience, accumulated valuable experience, continuous innovation, continuous improvement, continuous testing, and achieved the high-end and high-quality positioning of HUMO brand today.

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