Domestic abrasives industry actively promotes green manufacturing


In order to implement the national energy conservation, material saving and environmental protection policies and policies, the machine tool industry actively implements green manufacturing in the development strategy and planning to promote the harmonious development of people and the environment. According to Luo Baihui, secretary general of the International Association of Mould & Hardware Plastics Industry Suppliers, the research work carried out by the current machine tools mainly includes: research on green design technology of machine tools, research on reconfigurable technology of machine tools, research on development technology of machine life cycle, machine tool Research on clean production technology, research on energy-saving technology of CNC machine tools, improvement of precision and performance of CNC machine tools, improvement of machining accuracy of parts blanks, reduction of material consumption development research, etc.In the machine tool industry, the abrasives industry is a resource industry, a energy-intensive industry, and a polluting industry. The next step is to keep in mind the general secretary’s speech, "To build China into a resource-saving and environment-friendly society." "To this end, we must implement the relevant policies of the central government, and we must make a new world in energy conservation, emission reduction and clean production.1. Adjust the structural transformation and development mode, eliminate backwardness and curb excess capacity. To realize the transformation of a manufacturing power to a manufacturing powerhouse, it is necessary to have a development strategy. Regardless of industry development or enterprise progress, we must formulate strategic development plans, complete the task of structural adjustment and transformation of d...

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